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Bingo is entirely a game of chance

Bingo presents one of the easiest and most easy ways to test your luck. However, playing this game online often requires players to register at specialist sites. Such operators boast many bingo types but rarely have a sufficient amount of other genres such as slots, table games, video pokers, and so on. This has become a problem for bettors who want it all.

If you’re tired of sharing your data with multiple companies while going through long registrations, it’s best to choose casinos that offer bingo online. Our experts have ranked the top all-around websites in the below list. If you’d like to learn more about bingo and similar lotteries, stick around and read our full report.

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What Is Casino Bingo, and How Does It Work?

The variants played at bingo halls, dedicated sites, and online casinos share many similarities. In each case, you buy cards/tickets containing arranged numbers printed on a grid. The exact layout of this grid depends on the type of bingo you’re playing. The US and UK versions are by far the most popular, and you can see how their tickets differ in the below picture.

There is differences between bingo tickets in US and UK

The UK (left) and US (right) bingo tickets

What happens next? Numbers are drawn and called at random, and players cross them out on the cards they purchased. Typically, in the US version, the first person to complete a row, column, or diagonal wins. Some versions also pay out for certain shapes or when the entire ticked is completed. In online bingo, you don’t have to cross out/dab numbers manually, as the process is automated for your convenience.

Additionally, there are differences in how many numbers are in play. The British iterations use 90 of them and are generally fast-paced, while Americans prefer 75-ball bingo that goes on more slowly. However, since online bingo games do all of the work for you, they are played faster than anything you’ve seen in real-life competitions. Nowadays, you’ll also find plenty of atypical variants with varying number ranges.

Random Number Generators Power All Online Bingo Sites

You might be wondering how exactly results are produced in virtual games. The answer is Random Number Generators (RNG). An RNG is an extremely complicated software that uses seed numbers and various algorithms to produce unpredictable results.

RNGs are employed in just about every gambling category you can imagine — slots, blackjack, baccarat, craps, scratchers, and other casino & bingo games. Of course, the question of whether RNGs can be rigged often comes up in the minds of skeptical people.

However, reputable operators like the ones on our list submit the Random Number Generators of their products for testing. The third-party organizations that perform these audits are impartial and known as Accredited Testing Facilities (ATFs). Usually, you’ll see a seal from an ATF at the footer of a casino’s website. If you prefer seeing a physical drawing machine, there is a bingo-like live dealer game that we’ll discuss in a bit.

Tips for Playing Online Bingo for Money

Because bingo online is all about luck and doesn’t require any strategies or skill, a total newcomer has the same chances of winning as a seasoned player. Still, experienced bettors take care to manage their bankroll, which gives them lasting power.

For example, if you set aside $100 for a gaming session and decide to buy four cards priced at $10 each for a single round, you face the risk of blowing your budget in just 3 draws. Of course, you might get lucky and win, but if you continue in this fashion, the chances are that you’ll quickly end up with nothing. This may seem obvious to some, but we’ve seen many gung-ho bettors raging at bingo online sites just because they bet big on a small budget.

Here’s how to apply a more prudent approach:

  • You shouldn’t risk more than 5% of your bankroll on a single bet.
  • It’s best to divide your budget into smaller units of equal value and use one unit at a time.
  • Make sure to double-check the “total bet” area before you press “play.”
  • Decide beforehand how much you want to realistically win and how much you’re willing to lose from a single session. When one of these limits is reached, call it a day.
  • Our experts prefer playing with multiple online bingo cards of a smaller value than with one that’s worth more. Still, it’s ok if you prefer a less conservative approach.
  • Fine-tune your playstyle with demo modes before risking real money. Read on if you’d like to learn how.

A Guide for Practicing for Free with Casino Bingo Games

If you haven’t played this game before, you can change that in minutes. The best thing is that you won’t have to risk money while figuring out if you’ll like the genre. Follow our step-by-step tutorial and get started now:

  • We’ll use as an example, as it offers a wider choice in terms of bingo. The online casino is intended for US residents. If you’re from the UK or EU, it’s best to go with 888casino.
  • Find on our list and click on “Play.” It will lead you to the official website. Once there, click on the “Specialty” tab and select a title you like. No registration is needed for the demo mode, which is quite nice.
  • “Amazonia Bingo” is our favorite, as it comes with a nice progressive jackpot. Pick it for the purposes of this tutorial.
  • Once inside, you’ll see four cards. You can use the “Off/On” toggle to decide how many do you want to play with.
  • The payout table of this online bingo is at the top. It is influenced by the size of your bet, which can be adjusted from the buttons at the bottom. Once you’ve set everything, click on “Play,” and numbers will start appearing above the cards.
  • The game will cross out matching numbers. In the end, you’ll also be given the opportunity to pay for an extra ball. Test this feature out, but be careful if you start playing for real money. The price of these extra balls might be greater than any potential winnings you hope to achieve.

Mega Ball Bingo: An Online Game with Live Dealers and Real Draws

Mega Ball is one of the most popular live dealer games

Some bingo casino sites come with live dealer lobbies that are hailed as the most realistic form of online gambling. Typically, one would find baccarat, blackjack, and roulette streams in such a lobby. However, if the operator is partnered with leading live studio Evolution, it will offer a product called “Mega Ball.”

Mega Ball is just a branded name for what is essentially a hyper exciting bingo variant. It’s played with a total of 51 balls that are drawn from a physical machine in real-time. This game’s online bingo cards are of the American kind. You can buy 1, 10, 25, or 100 of them, and they will be valid for the next draw. The value of a single ticket ranges from $0.10 to $10, catering to the budgets of high rollers and hobby players alike.

To participate, all you need to do is purchase tickets within the given timeframe and wait for the round to start. Twenty balls will be drawn at a fast pace. You’ll win money when for completing a row, column, or diagonal. The more lines you complete on a single card, the larger the reward.

There’s another thrilling feature hidden in this bingo. Online gaming sites apply random multipliers on the last ball. If this number completes a line on your ticket, your prize for it can be multiplied up to 100 times.

Keno — The Predecessor of Bingo Online

Keno is the predecessor of Bingo

Some people don’t like the fact that bingo tickets come pre-filled. This doesn’t allow them to play their lucky numbers, which can be frustrating. One alternative is to go for lotteries, but quite often, you’ll have to wait a while before the results are in. If you want to instantly test your luck with your favorite numbers, look for keno at online bingo sites.

This game is the grandparent of all lottery products, as it has been played in China for over 2,000 years. It’s quite similar to bingo — a total of 80 balls are in play, and 20 of them are drawn per round. You can pick any number from the 1-80 range, and you get to decide how many to play at one go. Usually, you can make up to 10, 15, or 20 selections, but we recommend sticking to 4-9 numbers for the best results. Remember to look at the paytable of these titles, as you may find that a jackpot is awarded for a certain amount of hits.

Exploring the History of Bingo

How did we get to online bingo? Well, this game’s past is a bit cloudy, as similar forms of entertainment have been recorded in many cultures over the centuries. While keno is probably the oldest lottery still played today, it was virtually unknown to the western world until the mid-1800s.

Historians consider “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia,” a 16th-century Italian lottery, as the direct descendent of modern bingo. This game eventually made its way to France, where French nobles enjoyed it before they got hooked on baccarat. In the 1700s, bingo started to gain traction in Britain and Europe, from where it evolved and spread to other parts of the world.

The name “bingo” was coined by Hugh J. Ward, who popularized this form of gambling through Pennsylvanian fairs & carnivals in the 1920s. Online bingo was first played in 1996 and had been rapidly growing ever since. Conversely, real-life halls are generating less cash, as people prefer to play over the Internet.

The Top Online Casinos with Bingo Games Are at Your Fingertips

You now know where this game comes from and how it’s played. You’ve even learned useful bankroll management tips and discovered several lottery-like alternatives that may better suit your tastes. If you’d like to try them out for free or for real money, pick a online casino off our list.

Our experts have hand-picked reputable operators that also offer other popular gambling genres, including slots, roulette, poker, and more. What’s neat is that registering is free, and an account will grant you access to free-to-play versions that you can test before deciding whether to wager real money.