About Us

Though our journey has started relatively recently, we managed to quickly stand out by becoming a trustworthy source of information for people who are interested in the online casino industry. We’ve managed to achieve that with a handful of professionals who employ real passion in what they do – you can meet them below:

Jonatan – AKA “The Hunter” – Senior Manager of Operations

Manager topratedonlinecasinosites.com

Initially, I saw a business opportunity I couldn’t afford to pass, but it was only after I started this project when I realized that the work we do here is much more than simple information about top rated online casinos. We wanted to create a source of information that can be relied upon and referred to. Prior to creating my team, I was a more or less successful Poker player who sought to transition to the online casino world, only to find that there are many little things that many players everywhere miss, resulting in a hindered online casino experience. I sought to change that, and through rigorous work, we’ve managed to achieve it. With the success of our website, my team of professionals and I have expanded our operations even further, allowing for even greater ROI opportunities for both investors and readers.

Kristine – AKA “Brainy” – Search Engine Optimizer

Manager topratedonlinecasinosites.com

Ever since I graduated from the computer academy, I’ve wanted nothing more than to work in the field of Search Engine Optimization. The dynamic nature of the work is what allows me to recognize different patterns that are literally responsible for the way information is delivered to every human being on earth! Not to sound grandiose, but SEO principles apply not only in the online casino industry but pretty much everywhere else. Although nobody knows what is going to happen next in the world of SEO, I am eager to keep looking and try to find out – maybe this is why I like playing Blackjack so much.

Emma – AKA “FixIt” – Lead Graphics Designer

Manager topratedonlinecasinosites.com

I am perhaps the only slot nerd in the team. It might sound corny, but my affection for the most classic casino game genre comes from the fact that I am always trying to make my designs better by learning from other artists. Making an illustration for an online casino reviews website might look like a small thing, but even choosing the right colors to put on an icon can make the reader feel good when seeing it. I am happy to be in a place where I can explore the possibilities of design and be respected for the quality I deliver. It’s a pleasure working with everyone here.

Daniel – AKA “Frowny” – Senior Copywriting Specialist

Manager topratedonlinecasinosites.com

I am not gonna lie – perhaps the somewhat monotonous similarities between all online casino websites might prove to be challenging after a couple of months, but it is the small and unique differences that make my research and final presentation worth it. I am grateful to Jonatan for not only giving me a chance to make my own content creation skills better but also for uniting me with a team of wonderful people who respect the value of my work. Creating content about technology has always been my forte, and I find every work challenge more than fulfilling! Favorite casino game? I have to say, Roulette – it’s like having a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.